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In 2015, I was diagnosed with anti-nmda auto immune encephalitis.  I spent 42 day in the hospital.  I had to learn how to walk, eat, write, and speak again.

In my recovery, I learned that I spent much of my time trying to grow my business and lost sight of why I started it in the first place.  I wanted to create a service that exceeded current quality and standards in the industry but I also wanted to be able to set my own hours.  Most of all, I wanted to work a job that allowed me to be a husband and a father first.  To have time for what matters most.

I moved back home to Maryland to recover and start over.  My Life in Detail is the story of my recovery.  A story of me finding balance between my career and my personal life.  And a story of my passion for family and cars.


Episode 1 - You Do One Thing Like You Do Everything

My Life In Detail