Complete Vehicle Rock Chips Repair- $99.99 + Cost of Paint

Single panel scratch repair - $99.99 + Cost of Paint

- Each additional panel scratch repair- $49.99

Rock chips, deep scratches, and paint chipping can lead to paint failure and rust.  They are also a major eyesore that effect your driving experience and your vehicle's value.

Our Paint Touch Up and Blending services are a cost effective alternative to complete vehicle repainting,  We can revive your vehicle's look, value, and help you rediscover the pride in your ride.

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  • We match our paint with your vehicle's color code.

  • We use a base coat and clear coat

  • Our paint is mixed by the gallon so issues like metallic flake build up or color darkening related to smaller mixed batches are completely eliminated

  • Scratches are air brushed filled

  • We include sanding and final polish in our pricing

Please note we do not repaint entire panels or vehicles.  This service is for single or multiple scratch paint blending, or rock chip blending services. Scratches requiring primer or filling may incur additional charges. If you have questions please email or call us or schedule a paint estimate online. 

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