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Signature Shield


  • your vehicle has been detailed in the last 1-2 years or less than 2 years old
  • you use 3 or more seats regularly
  • and/or the vehicle is a daily driver


Upgrades: Complete Interior Fabric Guard / Stain resistant leather Serum / Wheel and Glass sealant

Our Signature Series detailing program is designed to provide a premium detailing experience to everyone based on their vehicles needs. Auto detailing is not a one size fits all service.  You may own a daily driver, a weekend cruiser, or a show car.  No two vehicles should be treated the same.  It's why we carry a vast line of products and stay up to date with advances in equipment and techniques.  The 3 service levels of our Signature Series are available to fit any needs and budget while making sure your vehicle is always protected and looking its best.

Signature Restoration


  • your vehicle has never been detailed and is older than 2 years
  • or your vehicle's paint is dull, faded, or has light to moderate scratches or swirls


Upgrades: Signature Shield upgrades + A 1 Step Paint Correction and Glazing Polish

Interior Shield: $99.99
Complete Interior cleaning, sanitation, and protection

The PRnP: $299.99
(Paint Restoration and Protection) Average time to complete 5-6 Hours.  We clean the wheels and tires, give the paint a surface prep wash, then an aggressive clay bar process to remove bound contamination.  A color safe iron decontamination process is used to remove deposits from paint and trim.  Then, Paint is then given a two step compound and polish, Then pure polish glaze, sealed, and a concours hand wax.  Glass is cleaned and tires are conditioned. 

All Signature Series Details  include:

Engine Cleaning and Conditioning / Wheel, Wheel Well, and Tire cleaning / Ph Neutral, Scratch Free Microfiber Wash / Air Purge and Microfiber Dry / Clay Bar to remove bound paint contamination / Acrylic Paint Sealant /Interior and Exterior Window cleaning / Trim and Tires Conditioned / Door Jambs Cleaned / Complete Interior surface cleaning and conditioning (includes leather) / Complete Interior Vacuum / Complete Interior Shampoo and Steam Sanitation

Ask About Our Family Plan

It's much more than a monthly wash and vacuum!  It's a complete appearance maintenance for the entire family. Includes exclusive additional services you wont get anywhere else


10% off Signature Series Services for any and all Heroes! Includes Military, Health Care Professionals, Police, and Firefighters

Signature Shine


  • your vehicle is less than a year old or has been detailed within the last 12 months.
  • you use 2 or less seats regularly
  • or the vehicle is not a daily driver


  • We keep your vehicles to Signature Shine standards year round with a monthly recurring schedule

  • Includes engine detailing, paint protection, interior conditioning, and fabric shampooing as needed.

  • Discounts on paint correction and touch up services

  • $50 flat rate PAINTLESS DENT REPAIR (per dent)

  • No Contracts

  • Pay as you Go!

2 Vehicles: Only $99 total per visit

$50 each additional vehicle thereafter at the same appointment

Each vehicle must have a Signature Series detail completed before qualifying for Family Plan Pricing.

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